Boiler Hall


Graffiti Containers

Graffiti Containers

Bottle Collector

Bottle Collector

art… is this site art?…

…or is this just randomness that makes no sense.

what’s the point of this site?
i asked that question in the beginning and i still don’t know.

maybe i’m writing this crap because I have nothing else to show.
no pictures, no videos, no music…. just some random stuff to keep me entertained.

Frank… what a stupid idea. it was fun joke for few days, then it got old.

now what?

Frank, can you help me?

– Stop whining and be a man.

be a man, how original.
that still doesn’t help.
should i give up on this site or what?

– Again, be a man.

what the hell does that mean?!

– A man does not ask what he should do, he does it.

is that a man, or is that an arrogant asshole who doesn’t care what others think?
i don’t want to be an arrogant asshole.

– Then don’t be. You can be who ever you want. Stop caring about what others think, you can’t please everyone, it’s impossible.

well, if i’m not an arrogant asshole, then who am i?

– Find out.

what’s with all this Frank shit?!

Dear diary

Today I was on a website, it was very boring.

The person who runs the site posts photos every once in a while. He also writes weird things that make no sense. Then he disappears for many weeks and does nothing. Very boring overall.

that’s the guy from parks and rec… now stop messing with this site.


– You don’t think I’m that handsome?


that’s not your picture