No onpas ankea lopetus, epäonnistuminen.
Ehkä se tarina ei päätykkään tähän.
Ehkä toi oli vasta ensimmäinen luku.
Ehkä se tarina jatkuukin jossain muualla.. vaikka tuolla...

i guess there’s no original content, no Frank, no nothing.

so where does that leave us?… what now?

is this where the story ends?



well Frank, where’s the original content?


oh brother, here comes the excuses…


– I’ll write something after the Christmas holiday is over.

blaa blaa blaa…

now i’m creating my own thing, something original.

– Writing random babble doesn’t make it very original. Sure it’s your own thing, but are you doing this site for you, or for the readers? Random babble is not very interesting, it’s just random babble.

do you know how hard it is to make something original, something that people are interested in?

– No, I don’t know. I haven’t tried it.

well then, why the fuck are you giving people hard time about their content?!

– Oh c’mon, how hard can it be. Just do what you want, not what you think everybody wants.

how about you do it, if it’s so easy…

– I could try it but I don’t have a website of my own. Can I post something in here?

whatever, i don’t care anymore.. go ahead…

– Thanks.

– How about you make something original, something of your own.


what then?


– Yay, another music video.


there, happy now?

Pearl Jam – Do the Evolution