Ramblings of a madman

blaa blaa blaa…

now i’m creating my own thing, something original.

– Writing random babble doesn’t make it very original. Sure it’s your own thing, but are you doing this site for you, or for the readers? Random babble is not very interesting, it’s just random babble.

do you know how hard it is to make something original, something that people are interested in?

– No, I don’t know. I haven’t tried it.

well then, why the fuck are you giving people hard time about their content?!

– Oh c’mon, how hard can it be. Just do what you want, not what you think everybody wants.

how about you do it, if it’s so easy…

– I could try it but I don’t have a website of my own. Can I post something in here?

whatever, i don’t care anymore.. go ahead…

– Thanks.

write something…

write what?

one of these random letters? A letter that makes no sense. Just some random babble, something to fill the space. Improvised train of thought.

– yeah, write one of those things.

oh great, you’re in here too. Who are you and why are you tormenting me?

– i’m you remember.

so what does that make me? Some weird guy who talks to himself? A guy who thinks he’s being artsy, but who is actually slowly losing his mind? Writing this nonsense for no one to read. A sad story about his pointless existence.

– or maybe you’re just a bored creative person with a weird sense of humor.


Weird questions…

Who am I?
Is that a weird question?
Why do I keep writing this nonsense?
Don’t I have anything better to do?

Does anyone even read this madness?
Why did I start this site?
What’s the purpose of it?
Is it about my life, or is it about life in general?
Or is it just a place for my art?

Who cares?

who cares

maybe none of this matters… it’s all temporary anyway.
…one day lights will shutdown, and all this pointless nonsense disappears.

oh but wait!… what if i print it!

then at least there’s a chance that someday… when all the tech is gone… someone will find it and read it.

…he may think that:

“Oh what a weird culture it was back when things still mattered. Now nothing matters, we are just surviving. There’s no movies, no internet, only small groups who are trying to stay alive. We haven’t had electricity in over 100 years. Piles of rubble everywhere.”

it will be an important evidence about humanity… yes!
…that old man who found the paper will bring it back to the camp.. and he’ll say:

“Look everyone what I found! This is an important evidence about humanity. We have to honor it and protect it with our lives. We will show it to our children and teach them how to live in a more civil manner.”

Weird Questions


there… i printed that historical document

…now what the hell do i do with it?